by P. Calavara:
  There's Been A Murder!
  (published Dec 2014)
  Halloween Is Coming
  (published Oct 2015)
  A Bathos Xmas
  (published Dec 2015)
  Animals Brew Coffee
  (published Jan 2016!)
  How To Say Goodbye
  (published Dec 2016!)
  (There are a couple of
  soccer alphabets here)

Raccoonteurs is a project
of the Never Knows HMC


About Raccoonteurs

Raccoonteurs is a project by the Never Knows HMC to try telling stories in some different ways. The genesis of the project was when artist and author P. Calavara wrote and drew a book in public over the course of a two day arts festival in Olympia, WA. The content of that book, titled The Smallest Possible Murder, had been generated by a public survey that had been up on the internet for the month prior to the event. The finished project has since been published by Never Knows books, and is for sale online, as well as at Gallery Boom in Olympia, WA.

The Page-A-Day books are books that we're printing a page a day. Back in January 2016, we published our first page-a-day book (Animals Brew Coffee) in a public setting, with a new page going up daily, at the Batdorf and Bronson Coffeehouse (516 S. Capitol Way, Olympia, WA).

If you're interested in hosting or supporting one of these sorts of projects, please do let us know.